How can I save my company money?

How can I get quality millguides that won’t contaminate my rubber?

How can I get these parts fast?

If you are constantly asking yourself these questions; then you are looking for Universal Technologies, Inc.

UTI has been rebuilding and fabricating Millguides for the rubber and plastic industry since 1985. Being a distribution center for many rubber companies has resulted in several advantages to our customers such as; providing excellent quality control, consistency, and availability. We can use carbon steel, black nylatron, and utuff (white nylon 6/6) material when fabricating millguides or calendar guides. These materials cause no contamination of your rubber.

Our latest design consists of a steel backing plate, millguides, turnouts and dividers fabricated from a Nylon based material that are replaceable.

Advantages of these guides are:

  1. Save on maintenance costs to install and replace parts
  2. Replace only the part you need
  3. Guides can be machined to any size to fit your roll
  4. Eliminate metal contamination
  5. Material will not damage your roll
  6. Less inventory (interchangeable parts)
  7. Shorter lead times on replacement parts

U-Tuff Guide
Utuff Guides with Steel Backing Plates

Nylatron Guide
Black Nylatron Guides


U-Tuff divider
Finished Utuff Divider

Utuff turnout
Finished Utuff Turnout

Steel Guides – UTI can measure your mills or design a set of guides based on your measurements.

Advantages of Steel Guides are:

  1. Guides can be machined to any size to fit your roll
  2. Shorter lead times

Flip-out Millguides – UTI can design steel or nylon guides with air cylinders that flip-out. This allows the operator to clean from underneath the guides without taking them off

Calendar Guides – These guides can be fabricated from any type of material. Your measurements are all we need.

Repairing Millguides – UTI can weld and machine your worn guide to look new.

Advantages of Repairing vs. Fabricating New

  1. Machine to any size to fit your roll
  2. Cost savings over purchasing new