Waterjet will cut virtually any material, size, or shape while maintaining extremely close tolerances.

UTI has a dual head waterjet that allows us to cut 2-parts at once saving time and therefore, saving our customers money.

Waterjet Machine

With the use of water as the cutting agent; there is no heat distortion to your part.

Many machined parts could be cut on the waterjet at a fraction of the cost because of the smooth edge, close tolerances and minimal cleanup after the process.

If it can be drawn; we can cut it!

Our Waterjet machines make precision cuts.

Finished Waterjet Parts

UTI also has a gantry cutter. This machine cuts similar to the waterjet except that it cannot hold the close tolerances. If close tolerances are not required; this machine is a more cost effective and faster alternative to the waterjet. The Gantry can cut most any shape or size part but only using mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum material.

Gantry Table


Parts cut on Gantry Cutter